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Ceramic Wheel Coating


At The Shine Stop by Adam's Polishes we strive for perfection. With the addition of Ceramic Coated Wheels to your detail we will take extreme care in removing your wheels, hand clean every inch, and using Adam's Wheel Coating give them a protection to last all seasons. 


What is Wheel Ceramic Coating?

Adam's Wheel Coating offers an incredibly durable barrier designed to protect the surface of your wheels from dirt and bonded contaminants, such as break dust and tar. Applying Adam’s Wheel Coating not only minimizes the chances of break dust accumulation, but its hydrophobic nature will cause water to bead and repel off like crazy! This makes your wheels significantly much easier to maintain. 

What is Wheel Ceramic Coating Process?

Our Professional Detailers will start with a very in-depth car wash with a full decontamination of the wheels and wheel wells. Once fully dry we will carefully place your vehicle up on Quick Jacks and remove all 4 wheels. We take extreme care in cleaning them a second time and polish any areas that may need polishing. After they are preped we apply a generous layer of Adam's 9H Wheel Coating. A cure time of 12 hours is required before we mount your wheels back on your vehicle. Once your vehicle is back on the ground we torque your lugs to the precise ft. lb. for your vehicle. 


The Finished Product

Once you have had the pleasure of maintaining wheels that have been ceramic coated you will never go without this service. Adam's 9H Wheel Coating makes your wheels more scratch resistant, more corrosion resistant, and beyond easier to keep clean. Add this option to your vehicle now!

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