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Interior Only

Starting at $299

This Detail package we include a light car wash to clean out those dirty door jams. Next your interior will go through a 4-5 hour deep cleaning from top to bottom that will leave the inside of your vehicle feeling like the day you bought it. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

- Two bucket exterior hand wash

- Engine bay cleaning and treatment

- Clean Door Jams

- Clean Air Vents

- Deep Clean Leather & Plastic Surfaces

- Condition and Protect all Surfaces

- Treat with Odor Removal

Basic Interior

The Basic Interior detail package includes all the services above as well as some light spot stain removal using out interior scrubbing mitt. This detail if for the daily commuter who is looking to have their car cleaned up and looking new. We top this detail off with protection on the interior. SPF 35  equivalent on the dash and all plastic surfaces and SPF 65 equivalent on all leather surfaces. (3 - 4 hours) 

Total Detail Cost $299

Full Interior

The Full Interior package is the complete above and beyond interior. Top to bottom your interior will experience a spa like treatment cleaning and extracting every square inch of its surface. Our industrial high temp extractor will clean and sanitize all your carpet and fabric upholstery. All your surfaces will be treated and protected giving you a new interior feel that is amazing.       (4 - 5 hours)

Total Detail Cost $399

Smoke & Odor Removal

Smoke & Odor Removal is no easy task. Our experts start out with a full extraction of all the carpets and fabric surfaces. Next they deep clean the vents and prep your vehicle for our Ozone generator which will pull all of the odors out. This process is repeated numerous times until we are confident we have completely neutralized the Odors. 

- (6 - 24 hours)

- Requires 1/2 tank of gas in car

Total Detail Cost $499

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