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Paint Correction

Paint correction (also known as paint polishing or buffing) is the process of permanently removing below surface imperfections from a vehicle's finish. Additionally, this helps to restore the true paint color, depth, and clarity, and reflectivity to levels often better than factory new.

Starting At:



$399 - Paint Correction Required

Ceramic Paint Coating

Adam's Paint Coating offers an incredibly durable barrier designed to protect the surface of your vehicle from dirt and bonded contaminants, while preserving the depth and luster of your paint! Applying Adam’s Paint Coating not only minimizes the chances of introducing swirl marks and scratches during washing, but its hydrophobic nature will cause water to bead and repel off like crazy!

Add On:



$399 if mounted on vehicle

Ceramic Wheel Coating

Adam's Polishes Ceramic Wheel Coating is an extremely durable 9H ceramic wheel coating designed to protect wheels from harsh brake dust and make clean-up even easier! Use it on most wheel finishes including paint, powder coat, chrome, and polished aluminum to help maintain shine longer.     

Starting At:



Full Detail

$899 to $1099

This is the ultimate package utilizing over 20+ of Adam's Polishes product line. We include a complete deep cleaning of your interior and a 3 step paint correction leaving your vehicle looking better than new. Our attention to detail in this option is unmatched and like always 100% guaranteed  

Starting At:



Pick Your Finish

$199 - $399

Our High End Car Wash is approximately a 2 hour job that is a complete hand wash two bucket method leaving your vehicle looking great. We allow you to chose from our many protective products to best suit your level of protection. 

Starting At:



Interior Only

$299 - $499

Are you looking for that flawless interior? Look no further. Our experts will go above any beyond to extract and deep clean all areas of your interior as well as adding a UV protection to all your surfaces. Keep your interior looking just as good as the day you bought your vehicle. 

Starting At:


Our work

The Shine Stop has had a ton of interest from our customers that like to be hands on getting that shine therapy but really do not have the best set up at home. We now allow you to come to Adam's Polishes HQ and detail your own vehicle using Adam's complete line of products. Click the link below to learn more about this opportunity. 

Detail Your Own Vehicle at Adam's Polishes



Adam has always had a dream to have an in house detailing center where customers can not only learn about car care but they can receive expert detailing services. The Shine Stop by Adam's Polishes is not your average car wash stop. We operate by appointment only and take extreme individual focus on each of our customers vehicles. Whether you are getting ready for a show, protecting your car from the elements, or just want to learn about premium car care, The Shine Stop is ready to assist you and your car's specific needs. 

100% Guaranteed to impress

We Take Pride In Our Work

The Shine Stop by Adam's Polishes

8225 N Valley Hwy Thornton, Colorado 80221

Tel: 303-720-1842



Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm

​​Saturday: On Request

​Sunday: Closed

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